Lake Eden Ski Chalet burns to the ground

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Lake Eden Ski Chalet burned to the ground tonight. I live in the area, and was driving by on the highway around 7pm and saw a massive cloud of black smoke rising from the resort area, and I assumed it was the chalet. Probably some kids lit it on fire. I was going to call the FD, but saw a fire truck driving up. Anyways, I returned home at 10:30 and drove by on the range road and it was still burning a bit. I was stopped watching the fire and a Peace Officer stopped and verified that it was the chalet that was burning, and there were still fire trucks keeping an eye on it.

How sad, I always hoped someone would fix the place up. I was in there a year and a half ago on the snowmobile and it was a sorry sight even then.

Ryan, April 28th, 2012

Update: It appears that the fire was a controlled burn:

Just to let everyone know that the burning of the chalet was a controlled burn with the fire department on hand all afternoon…. they had heavy equipment there at the seen to control the burning debris…the building itself was in a state of disrepair and actually was falling off the north side of the hill, sad to see it go but for the last few years it has been a hazard to have standing there the way it was.

- Crystal Hillgardner

12 thoughts on “Lake Eden Ski Chalet burns to the ground

  1. Was one of the members of the recent Facebook blog photo expedition that pissed off the owners awhile back. So sad to hear this news. I always wanted to go back at some point and get more detailed photos of the chalet, fascinating, intriguing and wonderful place. Bastard kids.

  2. I learned to ski there in the early to mid eighties when my brother worked at the ski shop. I’ve often wondered what was going on with the property with all the cabins and what not on the land. It’s a landmark in the area that is a shame to lose!

  3. It was not a controlled burn according to a friend at the fire department plus what I heard on the radio scanner. They were burning debris and it got away on them and caught the building on fire. Sounding like a whole bunch of tickets were issued as well. Very sad to see it go but due to the shape of the building it should have been gone long ago.

    • Do you know who was burning the debris? I would be interested to know if it was the owners? And who are the owners?

  4. In memory of the old gang that hung out there in the 80′s through to just a few years ago. . .you know who you are. So many good memories. My parents Joyce and Peter Mulderrig,. . . ran the ski hill and the summer resort for the last few years that Willie owned the lake, and my family and children spent 24 amazing wonderful years there. Mom Dad, and Jack may you be resting peacefully under the stars of Lake Eden. You and the lake our forever in our hearts. Sadly missed by Donna, Natalie, Stephanie and Mallory xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • XOXOXOXO the place where I learned how to swim, skip rocks, play hard and get dirty. Where love grew and special family memories were made. Hot days at the beach and cool nights at the camp fire. Early morning fishing and late night marshmellow feasts. THE ROPE SWING!! Walking up the hill to sit on the chair lift. Nanny and Grandpa…
      So many memories made in the 20 summers I spent there. Things that i will forever hold dear in my heart. I will always remember Lake Eden for what it was for me then, a place that held so much mystery and wonder for a kid growing up, to a place of family and comfort for me as I grew older, not for the mess that they let it become.

  5. I am a local in the area I do not believe it was a controlled burn because the fire trucks smashed the gate in, I seen that they were using it as some kind of a rig supplies storage area with machinery there already for a couple weeks before.

  6. Hi I am looking to get in touch with the website administrator for a story that I am doing on Lake Eden in the Reporter/Examiner.

    Please advise as to how to get in touch a.s.a.p.


  7. My Grandma live’s at the end of Range Road 20 (Doris Spreen). I went fishing once at lake Eden with my uncle (Kenneth Spreen) when I was quite young ( 4-5 ). I live In Calgary and saw and went on the ice Probably near the end of its closure to public. I’ve passed the lake over 150 time’s if not more since then with the gate’s closed and it has been my dream home/retreat since I was there. I’m 17 now and if I had the money I would buy the lake and land around it and try to make it into a profitable fishing/skiing/snowboarding/camping area that everyone could enjoy. I see the skiing lifts and cabins every time I pass except the past few years since the trees have been too big too see anything and think what joy it brought to the community’s around. . I live in a city and this area is my getaway. I just wish this lake/area could become something productive that myself, My kids if I have any, and others could enjoy again. My Mother, and her Brother’s and Sister’s learnt so much there that they have told me and I really wish the gate’s would open and let people and myself enjoy the lake and area like my uncle’s, aunt’s, cousin’s, and myself once enjoyed…. If owners of Lake Eden could contact me and even let me walk around and see what I saw when I was 6-7 I would greatly appreciate it.

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