Summer Camps at Lake Eden

2 thoughts on “Summer Camps at Lake Eden

  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Lake Eden Ski Chalet burned to the ground tonight. I live in the area, and was driving by on the highway around 7pm and saw a massive cloud of black smoke rising from the resort area, and I assumed it was the chalet. Probably some kids lit it on fire. I was going to call the FD, but saw a fire truck driving up. Anyways, I returned home at 10:30 and drove by on the range road and it was still burning a bit. I was stopped watching the fire and a Peace Officer stopped and verified that it was the chalet that was burning, and there were still fire trucks keeping an eye on it.

    How sad, I always hoped someone would fix the place up. I was in there a year and a half ago on the snowmobile and it was a sorry sight even then.


  2. Many fond memories of Lake Eden. What a shame about the Chalet!
    While new to Edmonton my wife Donna and I and her parents Pete and Joyce found this little gem of a resort while on a Sunday afternoon drive in July of 1980. Our daughter Natalie was only 5 weeks old. The following weekend we rented a cabin and over the next 25 years we would all become seasonal campers, Pete and Joyce would eventually manage the lake and Natalie along with her 2 sisters Stephanie and Mallory would grow up with Lake Eden as their summer backyard for the next 2 decades.
    Pete and Joyce have since passed on, as has their son Jack (R.I.P.) but memories of a time filled with the sounds of crackling fires, children splashing at the beach and families truly enjoying the outdoors will remain forever. I hope someone takes an interest in the lake and develops the property so more families can enjoy it.

    Brad Smith

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