Memories of the Lake Eden chalet

Who else remembers playing ‘Spirit in the Sky’ on the old music box that they had in the chalet?

- Shawn P

I remember the Pina Colada song was a hit song when i was enrolled in woodwards ski school. It always played in the chalet! I still love that song cuz it reminds me of my childhood and eating fries with gravy and playing the pinball in the chalet sometimes while skipping ski school just to hang out at the chalet. I loved those days!!!

- Rick R

One thought on “Memories of the Lake Eden chalet

  1. I remember the fries and gravy too! Also remember when you came in off the hill the Chalet had a ski hill smell if you know what I mean. Probably fire, snow and fries mixed together with hot chocolate or something! Funny how you can be sitting at the computer surfing and all of a sudden, what happened to Lake Eden? pops into your head after 20 plus years! Weird!

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