What does the Lake Eden Ski Chalet (lodge) look like now?

Time hasn’t been good to the Lake Eden Chalet. Members of our Facebook group posted these in 2011:

I visited this place the other day. I have to say, time hasn’t been kind to it. There’s been TONS of water leakage through the roof that has broken through the third floor ceiling. There are several breaks where you can see the sky when looking up inside the building, and quite a few more spots where there is bulging, moldy insulation that is just about ready to burst.

Given that winter’s just around the corner, I expect the damage is only going to scale exponentially at this point. This place may become a lost memory sooner than we had thought. I believe the only thing holding it together today is its concrete frame.

- Russel G

7 thoughts on “What does the Lake Eden Ski Chalet (lodge) look like now?

  1. Well from very recent knowledge a couple own the lake got it for 1.5mil at auction. They are just settling in and have not decided what to do with it yet. So Patience and ill keep updating. But no fishing or camping this year

    • It looks like the new owners are moving fast to develope the property. I found a recent (Feb. 15, 2012) Court Notice to all interested parties to make claims now or lose any further rights.

  2. My heart dropped when i saw these pictures! I used to ski here when i was little and even after they shut the hill down i remember having a christmas party in the chalet. I am actually on the hunt for wedding locations and Lake Eden popped into my head so I googled it….not what I expected to see….I guess i was dreaming when i was hoping someone may have restored it, or it turned into something different….so sad

  3. I remember about 12 years ago, my buddies had a band (Grindstone). They had the use of the whole chalet as a jam room/practice studio. We used to party there deep into the night every weekend. I remember how when we were exploring in the dark how eerie it was to see glasses still in the dishwashers like everybody just vanished instantly. Very very cool memories there long after the chalet itself closed to the general public.

  4. It’s sad to see all of this go to waste! I really hope the new owners make a new building and open the ski hills again… Wishful thinking. This ski hill holds so many memory’s and it was one of the few things the kids and adults can do around this area! Someone bring it back!!!….. And the resturant upstairs was awesome, terry was an excellent cook!

  5. I worked at the hill as a kid and had a lot of fun. Took my quad there to look around,what a sad mess always wondered what happened to the place.

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