Lake Eden’s early history

Lake Eden was built in 1966 by Erwin and Will Zeiter.  The brothers purchased 170 acres 5 minutes west of Stony Plain with the dream of building a ski resort.  The land included a small lake called Lake Eden, which would eventually become the resort’s namesake.

Source: Montreal Gazette, May 28, 1980

As owners of the Terrace Corporation construction company, the Zeiters used their resources to transform the landscape of Lake Eden into a functioning ski area.  In 1973, Mike Vann wrote in the Edmonton Journal:

Its 87-foot-high hill was insufficient as a ski area so they moved more than one million cubic feet of earth on top of it to bring it to its present height of 203 feet. More than 12,000 trees were planted to landscape the 35 acre ski terrain.

Their original plan was to build a 30 room hotel on the site; something that never materialized.

Up until 1979, Don MacLachlan was the director of ski operations.  That year, Vancouver native Andy Swabb took over the role when MacLachlan went to Fortress Mountain. (Edmonton Journal, 1979)

4 thoughts on “Lake Eden’s early history

  1. I would like to get more info on eden lake. why did the ski resort shut down? when?
    I use to go there when I was a child. I remember up on the hill nestled in the trees were cabins, who do those belong too? would it be possible to buy a lot in eden lake??
    why is there no info about eden leke on the web. Its all very strange.
    hope to hear from someone soon.

  2. If you physically go there to the main gate there is a sign stating if you wish to gain access to call Blaine and it gives his number. Sorry I cant remember what it is but he is the new owner of the property. Not sure why the place shut down I only came to know about it a couple years ago and was fortunate enough to be given permission to go fishing with my boyfriend there one afternoon last year. Since then everytime we’ve called and asked we’ve been told No because theres on going construction….
    Hope this helps answer a couple questions :)

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